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When I’m Sixty Five

When I’m Sixty Five

Special dedication to Jacques Balthazart! quail matingbirthday greetingsbottle of winejuliper


Pictured above, a Valentine, a birthday greeting, a bottle of wine, and a Jupiler

Jacques Balthazart is a true leader in behavioral neuroendocrinology, the study of how hormones affect the brain and behavior. His retirement demanded a fitting tribute, but there was a problem. When it comes to international conference organizers, nobody does it better…

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Happy Fat Tuesday from Schneider Lab

Happy Fat Tuesday from Schneider Lab

As Fat Tuesday approaches, my mind turns to cycles of indulgence and moderation. This is not news to women. They are quite familiar with regular, repeated bouts of uncontrollable appetite. Women are more prone to obesity and binge eating, and their binges are more likely to occur at a certain phase of the menstrual cycle.These differences are related, at least in part, to changes in hormones…

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